She such as a loveable girl who will give you a lot of love, she's too kind and loyal friend. If you date her you'll be lucky cuz she will loving you 24/7 and sacrifice anything to you. She also an extremely attractive, all eyes on her! Oh God why she so perfectly? She's so popular because of her gorgeous visual, personality like an angel, and sexiest brain. Everyone must be envy with her!
"Who's the main character that stole everyone's attention today?"
"Of course, Echa!"
by sunghoongf January 13, 2022
this mf is in love with zhong chenle from nct
Echa is crying over chenle again!
by a whore for zhong chenle March 27, 2021
Echa is a foreign girl/boy gets their name from being born after twins the name is most popular in congo. Echa is also considered a twin but not really a twin.
Have you seen Echas twin brothers ?
by Foreign.gaaaal January 8, 2018
So yeah, ImmaPirate but you can CallMeCaptain!

Hey what's up, I'm Echa.
Alex: Soooo, your names Echa?

Echa: Yeah, ya know, like a singular echo. You'll understand when the time comes.
by ReclaimedNamesake October 5, 2022
this person is nanon korapat girlfriend and soon to be his wife <3

hope u always be happy
echa is very luck person to have nanon
by nanonsgirlf November 22, 2021
If you know a Audrey you are blessed. She will always care for you and never let you down. Audrey’s are popular, beautiful, kind, talented, creative, funny people. Audrey’s are extroverts and thrive when they are around other people. Audrey’s tend to put other people’s problems before hers. She cares a lot about her friends and would do anything for them. Audrey’s tend to listen to there heart in situations. Audrey’s are often caught daydreaming and spacing out. Audrey’s love to travel. There dream is to go travel the world. They also really enjoy nature especially star gazing and watching the sun rise and set. Audrey’s are very talented in the sports and music department. They love being active and playing on sports teams. Audrey’s love being creative by playing and making music. They also really enjoy music and a lot of the time use it to let out emotions. Speaking of emotions Audrey’s will be happy to talk about yours but don’t like to share hers. She is very mysterious In that way and it’s hard to get the truth about what she is feeling out. In a relationship Audrey is looking for someone who will make her laugh. Audrey’s often have a lot of people crushing on her. Over all Audrey’s are unique and special yet popular at the same time.

(person one): who’s that

(Person two): that’s Audrey she’s amazing I wish I was her
by oohlay June 16, 2019
Tamil commedian and joker josepphu vijay fans are often known as Echa fans because they are always jealous on other actors growth
by Sottai vijay May 8, 2022