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Ebube means glory. Many people have the name Ebubechukwu, which means glory of God. Ebube- Glory and
chukwu- (of) God. Ebube can be a male or female!
An Ebube is thicc and goofy!
"Damn, did you see that thicc girl walk by"
Yes, her name is Ebube
by chionesa May 15, 2018
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They are always cool calm and collected... They hardly fall for girls and have the perceptions of a Player.. They are all mushy and warm inside but hard on the outside.. They are smart as well and also can think out of the box... They are the embodiment of greatness
I wish I was like ebube
U have the look of an ebube
by iammev July 30, 2018
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The waviest kid ever, he has too much swagger for the dagger
Oh my gosh, is that Ebube? I wish i had as much swagger as him
by Aybe January 07, 2014
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Ebube is such a loving name for beautiful or handsome people.They are usually brave,smart,loving,passionate people.They care about others and feel for people.they are quite,shy, cool and neat people.If you have a friend,girlfriend or boyfriend like them then you are so lucky.they are also funny and kind people
by love9990 January 07, 2020
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Ebube is the supreme god. Jesus and Allah are just his side-chicks. Ebube is even more holy than shrek.
“Damn bro, that girl is hella thicc” “Yeah bro she’s been blessed be Ebube”
by r.raviolii December 15, 2019
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