Won't - Will Not
We won't go to the party tonight.

I will not/won't be a grammar nazi.
by Norways March 26, 2013
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A slang term used extensively in the Richmond-Petersburg (804), VA region. It means in this context "was not", not "will not".
person 1: "You been talkin shit bout me, shaw?"
person 2: "Nah yo, I won't da one talkin shit bout you."
person 1: "See, I KNEW I won't gone be able to make it thru the day without drama."
by 804head October 05, 2009
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1. A blatant sarcastic term used to express vehemently that an event will occur.

2. Will be.
"Dude are you going to Sophie's party on Saturday?"

"Won't be! Sounds like it's gonna be rad!"
by ancientminister June 18, 2009
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was not
I won't bout to call you again, you ain't never answer the phone!
by B$Money June 17, 2009
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Past tense - Wouldn't be shit

Meaning won't amount to anything and will never succeed

Derives from being so useless that the person won't even be the value of a piece of shit
-Salty teacher : "haha you so dumb, you won't be shit!"

-ggGuy : "Ok boomer"
by TF'ingBoiHimself July 16, 2020
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a phrase meaning: won't allow it (whatever it may be, and however one defines whatever it is they won't allow).
boy a) I'll borrow money from our parents, Andrew, to play poker with some buddies.

Andrew : I am sick and tired of supporting your stupid poker habit. I have decided on our parents' behalf that i won't stand for it that you borrow money from them. Losing all your money at such nonsense can lead you to doing harakiri
by sexydimma October 20, 2012
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An expression used to challenge a person to commit an action.

Appropriate responses are as follows:
In agreement to do the action = "Who Won't?"
Not in agreement to do the action = "You right"
Absolutely not in agreement to do the action = "Are you dumb?"
To counter challenge = "YOU won't!"
When used in an overly serious manor "you won't" may be interchangeable with "You will not!"
Warning: Increased use of alcohol can and will cause excessive repetition.
Person 1: "You won't do jam and night." Person 2: "Who won't?! YOU won't!"
by R U Dumb February 04, 2010
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