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Secretly Listening to other people’s conversations.; getting into people’s business.
When my friend is Eavesdropping on my teacher, he says Carter! Do you ever LISTEN?!
by QuakeSplash26 February 03, 2019
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Two federal intelligence agents were charged of eavesdropping on behalf of Russia.
by gyg May 08, 2006
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Anyone who overhears pieces of a conversation without actually being in one and jumps to conclusions!
That person over there is listening to our conversation? We were not even talking to them or about them that person is eavesdropping
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by FM Punk October 17, 2018
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When you're taking a shit and listening in to someones conversation.
1. "Were you just eavesdroppings on me? You seem to know what I was talking about and the toilet stinks"
2. *Near the toilet on the phone* "Hey don't tell anyone this *plonk*.. wait... Joe are you eavesdroppings on me?"
by Word Wordington June 29, 2018
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The action of purposefully overhearing someone in private
My dad was eavesdropping whilst I was playing video games.
Eg. what my dad heard while I was gaming: “guys on me.” “WHAT?!”” I’m coming, I’m coming oh my god I’m coming””I just exploded, pumped from the back” “guy next to me cranking so hard” “wow, that was quick surely a world record”
by Wusbrackenbrah February 01, 2021
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