1. (n) An instant-messaging program that is built into google mail. Users are automatically logged in when they are checking their Gmail, and can chat with other Gmail users who are currently online.

2. (v) To Google chat someone, or refer to a google chat conversation in the past present or future.

Fast replacing AIM as the preferred instant messaging system among young professionals.
1. "Dude, are you really asking me to hit you up on AIM? How do you not have G-Chat??"

2. "How many people are showing up for softball tomorrow night?"
"Not sure, I gotta ask some people at work. G-Chat me in the morning."

3. "I was G-Chatting this fine lookin girl last night. She met me at my buddy's party and tracked me down through his listserv. How sweet is that"

"Nice man, SHE G-Chatted YOU?? You're totally in"
by ABeazy August 22, 2007
passing notes the old fashioned way, i.e. by actually passing notes on a piece of paper. Has mostly been replaced by g-chat now.
Did you see those girls had their analogue g-chat going in class?" "Yeah, the professor totally saw and ripped them a new one...
by Amanda Pisces November 3, 2010