That act of eating ass. Also known as rimming. Oral sex on a female with a large well shaped ass.
I'm going to take that girl with the nice ass home, I want to eat cake!
by Echo4Romeo May 1, 2020
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1. Eating pussy
2. Eating out (sexually)
3. Eating a girl's stuff (cake)
4. To use your mouth to sexually stimulate a girl's vagina
Ex 1:
Kathy: Yeah, I sucked his dick and I was hoping he would return the favor but he doesn't eat cake!

Ex 2:
Bob: Kathy totally blew me last night.
Fred: No shit? Did you eat cake?
Bob: No! That shit's gross, dawg.
by pc15 December 8, 2008
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To do what you will.

That's literally all it means, in an "urban" manner. To indulge in any manner of (usually rebellious or hedonistic) activity is to 'eat cake'. Thank Marie Antoinette, or some reasonable facsimile which has been lost to history, although she meant literal cake, the phrase has gained meaning since the dipshit didn't leave a record of what she actually meant.
by Shameless Empire May 28, 2019
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A famous catch word added as a supplementary addition to birthday wishes often said and used by Anthony Nkwazi to add emphasis on what should be done to celebrate the occasion.
by Virtual2 March 19, 2013
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Come eat cake tonight at my apartment!!! There will be jungle juice and a gin bucket--bring your friends!
by kollege kid October 13, 2008
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It actually was formed when producers Mattman & Robin referred to the alcoholic drink "Sex By The Beach" as "Cake by the ocean."

A singer named Joe Jonas used the phrase for his debut album "DNCE." He has confirmed that "eating cake by the ocean" actually means oral sex: Eating cake. The "cake" is a substitute word for a woman's genitals, like in Rihanna's song "Birthday Cake." It's one of the few words used in songs to substitute bad, erotic words so they don't get censored in the radio; for instance, "sugar" meant "sex" like in the Maroon 5 song, "Sugar."
eating cake by the ocean

Perv: Damn, I'd like to be eating some beautiful cake by the glorious ocean... you get what I mean, right?
Me: What are you gonna do aside from that? Gonna dive in the dough?
by Name315 February 22, 2018
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