Where one picks up a spoon and pours hot liquid into one's mouth. Then swallows and digests.
Brittany Litany: "Mom, I love eating soup."

Mom: "That's good."
by Brittany Litany November 26, 2008
Eat._.soup is an amazing Gacha editor and tweener, She is so funny and original ๐Ÿ‘ although her account slowly dying, she still continues to make videos for her followers to enjoy ๐Ÿ’ƒ made by
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by April 29, 2021
Eat your soup is a video about two Asian women eating soup, then vomiting on each other, then having sex. It was on the internet long ago. If someone shows you 2 girls 1 cup, you show them eat your soup. Eat your soup is actual vomit! They will likely never show you nasty videos again if you show them Eat your soup! Plus their reaction is funny.
Winsor: Look! 2 girls 1 cup! It's just a normal video.
Dennis: Ew!

*The next day*

Dennis: Look! Eat your soup! It's just a regular video.

Winsor: Ew! This is disgusting! Fine! I will never show you nasty videos again!
by HawaiianPunch1 December 7, 2022
To feast upon the wet, saucy deliciousness of a person's genitalia. Also, what's cookin' in a person's undergarments.
Example 1:
Husband: I'm so excited you are finally cooking dinner.
Wife: Yeah, I'm serving. And after dinner you can eat my soup.

Example 2:
Tom: You are such a terrible cook. You can't even boil water.
Mary: Eat my soup, jerkface.
by coffeetalker October 23, 2013
your a nasty thot yo dick musty/ pussy stank n need to get a life so eat a soup (WHO EVER TOLD YOU THAT BEAT THEY ASS)
Get out of my face and eat a soup bitch.
by HAHA im correct hoe September 19, 2017
Eat soup - are gay/men liker
Person1 "I bet you eat soup'
Person2 "uhhh no!"
by Unknown loser May 7, 2020