The sleepy feeling you experience after eating a meal.
'I just ate lunch and now i have eat sleeps'
by urbandictionary20009 May 12, 2009
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A derivative of sleep walking but actually getting out of bed when sleeping and going and getting a snack.
guy1: hey man wake up
guy 2: What, what's going on
guy1 you’re sleeping on the couch covered in potato chips
guy 2: OH I must have been sleep eating
by deck man January 12, 2006
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an annoying room mate who wakes in the middle of the night to eat cheese or other condiments while still asleep ergo "sleep eat"
house mate ; hmmmnmmnn

other; dude shut the fuck up go back to bed !!!
house mate hummnmmnyumn
other; dude!!!, kicks house mate sayin "fucking sleep eat"

house mate; wakes up and says "what im in bed leave me alone"
by lytral 79 August 4, 2009
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googling your classmates from 25 years ago???? really? where did that come from all of a sudden. I'm telling you this mind knows how to stir shit up. It knows where it hurts and it knows how to put me down. It's not very nice. I don't like my mind.
I mean I have to eat and sleep with my mind too. I had come far in working it but sometimes I lose.
Anyway. Thinking of you. Tomorrow will be better.
by Gina Yolobrigida November 22, 2020
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