This movie tells the story of a depressed, lonely, spoiled, self indulgent divorcee who travels around the world and finds herself. The only sad thing about her is her lack of self awareness and understanding that there is absolutely nothing unique or interesting about her. The only talent she has as far as you can tell from the movie is her ability to suck up a plate of spaghetti without getting sauce on her face.

The movie has no plot and the characters and dialogue are extremely boring. Watching this unfold for 2 and a half hours is like having a slow root canal.

The big surprise at the end is that she finds love again. This was indeed surprising to me as I was thinking that the poor guy that ends up with this woman is doomed.
"Have you seen that movie eat pray love?"

"yeah.. should have been called sit stare yawn."
by feces face August 23, 2012
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verb. typically used to describe Caucasians who travel to less developed countries in a hope for self-discovery.
Sarah is feeling a little bit stressed, she has decided to go to a private resort in Bali to eat pray love.
by October 6, 2022
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the desire of having an adventure abroad to meditate, reflect, eat out, or find one's self after watching the movie EAT PRAY LOVE
jam had an eat pray love affair and now wants to go india to recover after their breakup.
by alexmanuel October 17, 2010
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The act of traveling alone to another country on a whim to find oneself, especially after going through a difficult time. Normally associated with pictures posted all over on Facebook of everything they eat and see while abroad.
Person 1: “Have you heard from Mike since he got fired?”

Person 2: “From his Facebook story it looks like he’s been Eat, Pray, Loving around Montréal.”

Person 1: “Oh dear. Well at least he can collect unemployment
by SomethingThatIsNotInUse June 4, 2023
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