When you kick a wall with a toothpick stuck under your toenail.
by xXx420NoScOp3zxXx1995 January 29, 2021
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A asexually reproduced species that constantly urinates. Usually, the Easterly species require a pee bucket to satisfy their wrinkly fore skin’s tingling sensation.

Found in the Easter Islands, thus the name Easterly.

A male parental figure of an easterly dies off after reproduction. Due to the how the female’s sexual organ is uniquely designed, it causes the male to be penetrated from the bottom. When this happens, the male will try to escape but by doing so causes self amputation.

Easterlys have very large “sound sacks” which are used to attract mates. Sometimes male Easterlys compete to make the highest sound possible, trying to win over the female.

The urine that an Easterly produces is golden yellow and is plentiful of E.Coli

Note: An Easterly is VERY territorial and will attack when unprovoked. Easterlys have neon yellow to golden hair that cover the top of their heads. The hair is described to be puffy and is close to the appearance of an Afro wig. Easterlys have protruding teeth and glowing red pimples. When they are popped warm liquid will flow out of the hole.
John: Let’s go see some Easterlys at the zoo!

Father: Sorry son, but I have to dig a hole 6 feet deep at the construction site today.
by Anatomous October 15, 2023
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To finish a bottle of Whisky when you promised your wife you was only going to pour a wee dram
"That bottle got a good Easterly last night"
by TerryTino May 13, 2022
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