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A beautiful intelligent girl who likes to have fun, sometimes looked as a wild child but are deep down reserved.
"She has not been like others were, have they not sees what she sees" Sounds like Nara.

It was all so Nara, very crazy, fun yet so calm.
by Fad7 January 24, 2013
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a) A city in the Kansai region of Japan
b) A mythical creature of Samoan lore with the body of a large woman and the head of a bullfrog, known for uttering an ear shattering cry which causes immediate atrophy of the penis.
The horrible Nara lumbered through the tiny village, withering each man's penis into a small blackened raisin.
by mikeybaby79 February 10, 2010
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A cool admin on UOGamers (an ultima online shard) that's really super cool!
Can you please help me Nara?

I love you, Nara!
by Irina July 24, 2004
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A down to heart korean girl who probably has come close to having sex but will wait for the right guy. Her parents most likely make her go to tutoring and she hates it. She tries hard in school but has fun on the weekend.
Damn Nara is so cool.
by Naraa July 26, 2018
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