A very flirtatious boy. Enjoys sparkly boys, (Such as Tamaki and or-or Armstrong.) Says will help you with homework especially with chem but never does.
by From Santa February 23, 2017
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A girl that played Logan rothwell a.k.a. Th biggest hoe in FMS
That bitch is like a jersey easterling
by Spitting truth November 20, 2019
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Addison Rae Easterling is an amazing queen that doesnt deserve the hate she gets!
I need a bad bleep.
She also influences many of her fans! Her fandom is called sunraes!

Random users of sunraes: .studyaddi , ..honey..addison..19 , prettyaddis , addi...din0 , quarantine.easterling , overlxyrae , addisons...bbys , badass.bleep , online...easterling .
Addison Rae Easterling is beautiful, inspiring, amazing.
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