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A member of the Swarthmore male ultimate frisbee team. Possesses much love of the game, reasonable quanities of alcohol, and an uncanny competitive edge. Sometimes misses practice because he is writing a five-page paper that was due last week but his professor is really quite serious about it being due in twenty minutes.
Oh shit. We have to play the Earthworms next. At least they're good sports about winning.
by Nice Mark February 17, 2005
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The deliberate act of speaking lyrics, humming a tune or singing a song with the specific goal of embedding the song in someone elses conscience. Typically this is done with a over played pop-tune or other catchy, yet annoying song.

To earthworm; or earthworming are both correct useages.
Jim was known to earthworm his coworkers with childrens songs on a regular basis.
by drkilljoy October 15, 2009
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Somebody so irrelevant with pop culture, current events, and well known subjects in general, it's as if they have been living under a rock
Normal Person: "Wow, I will always consider the Beatles the greatest band of all time"
Earthworm: "who are the beatles? you mean like a cockroach?"
Normal:"Dude, you're so irrelevant, stop being such an earthworm"
Earthworm: "wow rude"
by txh October 10, 2014
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The act of defecating on a pane of glass. For example, suppose you are at a party at a house with a room with a skylight. You would then climb to the roof, position yoruself above the skylight, drop trou, and proceed to defecate on the glass. The resulting image would be that of an eartworm emerging upon the glass. Known to occur most frequently in Philadelphia and its surroundings.
An earthworm has all the insult of a "pressed ham" with injury as well.
by amasdasdfkjghsdfkjgf December 31, 2005
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the art of fingering a person's asshole then following up with entering the finger in the victim's nose.
that bitch is a whore, i gave her the earthworm last night and she did'nt even flinch.
by topdrawer1978 August 10, 2006
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