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An eco excellent reward, a groovy gift or rad words that are given to friends and others for taking actions that protect this planet's lifeforms.

Also spelled and pronounced "earthy".
Examples include an EarthE kiss, EarthE art, EarthE poetry, EarthE massage, EarthE love, EarthE money, EarthE poetry, EarthE party, EarthE cuddle or any other nice stuff that is given to others for being sweet to our biosphere.

"Because Sara always uses her reusable water bottle, bowl and spoon to reduce pollution I drew a weird but cool EarthE picture and gave it to her."
"Ken rode his bike to school in the rain even though he has an awesome car - so I gave him an EarthE lipstick smooch for helping our environment."
"I sang an EarthE song for Laura because she put compact fluorescent bulbs in her green home."
"I wrote Steve an EarthE story because he eats organic food to defend the oceans, rivers and air."
"When my eco sexy friends volunteer for environmental projects I do an EarthE dance for them."
"Richie shows the new kids how to recycle so I tackled him and gave him an EarthE hug cuz he likes that."

by Stele Ely March 12, 2008
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