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A law that provides presumption of death and permission for a spouse's remarriage after one has been inexplicably absent for a set period of years, usually seven.
Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote in 1864 a poem called 'Enoch Arden' (once required reading in many literature classes) concerning a sailor whose shipwreck kept him from his wife and children for ten years; on his return, he found that his wife, presuming him dead, had married his best friend. Many states and nations now have what speakers of English call Enoch Arden laws.
by Ludd July 4, 2015
A vulnerably attractive individual.
The lass knew she was breedbate that fine Summer afternoon --but what could she do about it?
by Ludd May 27, 2015
A planet-shaped insane asylum, containing mostly insects.
"We're back on Earth. Time to take some Prozac!"
by Ludd February 26, 2015
big and round.
When he saw the stripper take off her thong, his eyes became quite boobic.
by Ludd May 27, 2015
A statement from a parent who loves his or her gay son unconditionally.
"I-love-my-gay-son. -- I won't let my religious beliefs tell me otherwise."
by Ludd May 26, 2015