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When a chick won't blow you
I think she wanted and ear fuck. I tried to stick in in her mouth and she turned her head really quick
by Spike January 06, 2005
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Annoying commercial advertisement with loud or piercing noise, over-emphasis on spoken words or otherwise excessively distracting to the point of inducing rage.

Source: Reddit
Have you seen the new car insurance commercial? It's such an earfuck that I had to mute the TV! I will hate that company forever.
by Morthandeus October 23, 2009
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1. When you can't get laid and you're forced to listen to a girl for hours
2. When someone sticks his finger or other object in your ear.
1. I went to a party just to get ear fucked by girls who won't take their pants off.
2. Aw gross!
You just got ear fucked!
by David Li February 15, 2008
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When a woman (usually a "trick") won't give you her goodies, you are forced to put up with her talk instead, and instead of your cock, your ear gets fucked!
"Damnit homes! This trick aint givin' me nothin' but an ear fuck!"
by Gopal Patel June 01, 2005
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Introduction of the penis in a partner's skull via the ear. A relatively rare fetish but with dedicated fans, usually limited to non-realistic art (drawn or written).
In an ideal world, Jessica Rabbit would climb on stage and give us an earful. Then, Roger would climb up and give her an earfuck.
by bungakawa2000 January 05, 2006
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Talking trash over the phone because your squeeze is somewhere else having sex.
"Hey, ear fuck me baby. Let's breathe heavily, ask what each other is wearing, and discuss how to get each other get off over the phone."
by Not-gonna-tellya April 22, 2005
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