A lanky person whos always up for a fight but can be shy around women, very accident prone but still pretty awesome
Guy 1: Dude what happened
Eames: Got in a brawl, beat up 5 guys and then tripped and broke two ribs
Guy 1: Sounds like a good weekend
by lanky guy 666 February 14, 2012
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Eam (noun) - Any dream involving the Internet. An eam may feature people you communicate with online, websites you visit, or games you play. There are currently no specific words to describe a nightmare involving the Internet, as any eam, by definition, is inherently a nightmare.
Ed believes that life is but an Eam.
by i love hotbranch! April 14, 2005
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emo, emo-like or having to do with being emo
John:Dude that chick cuts herself
Mark:Damn Shes so eams bro
by piggggy June 19, 2008
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Did you know I am a EAM? I'm attracted to my own grandma!
by Mrs. Wh0re February 25, 2021
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big oinkster looks like a pig his father is a famous author that helps you with all your impossible problems.
oh look it a leon eames in the farm
by halpep November 21, 2019
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I got this eame that promised to make me rich

I keep getting these eames wanting me to look at picture of peoele with no clothes on
by shane roe January 20, 2004
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