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a universal world from everything, commonly aimed at agreement or praise
me: shot eh johnny
johnny: EAH

Me: you johnny shes hot as, eah
by Danger biscuit July 23, 2018
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a locution meant to express an indifferent attitude or ambivalence. A phrase often adopted by "fence-sitters" or people who are otherwise hesitant to take a position on some matter.

Note: Can also be spelled "eeaahh" or "eeeaaahhh" (the extra letters indicating greater indifference). In extreme cases of indifference, one can add a "bl" in front of "eah", forming the phrase "bleah" (although this phrase is less common).

Note 2: the pitch in which this phrase is uttered can also indicate a greater or lesser degree of ambivalance (higher pitch indicating more ambivalence; lower pitch indicating less ambivalence)
J says: "Which tuxedo do you want to rent for the formal?"
M says: "Eeeeaaaahhhh..."
J says: "C'mon you droopy-faced fence-sitter, you need to pick a bastedo!"

R says: "How ya doin' Marty?"
M replies: "Eah ... pretty good... pretty good."
R says: "You're lookin a bit akimo to me."
M replies: "Bleeaahh..."
R say: "Don't worry, I got a touch of the akimo myself."
by fifteen minutes September 8, 2004
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To be screwed

Derived from the sound of squeeky bed springs or sex without sufficent lubricant.
Bob: "What happened to that chick who got caught giving BJs in the boys room?"
Dan: "Thump Eah Eah Eah"
by Dave October 11, 2004
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someone: "sup marty"
Marty McFly: "eah mate, eah"
by esh ladz October 24, 2009
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To have been sufficiently Pwnzertanked.
Dave : "You've been THUMP EAH EAH EAH'D!"
by Matt February 18, 2005
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