So there's a new trend of men willing to take care of "baby mothers". Such as P. Diddy, Russell Simmons, and Lil Wayne. These men have a great relationship with their child's mother's and are willing to ensure their child and child's mother(s) live a life that's commensurate with their status. These women are not side pieces, or mere "Babymammas", they are taking care of their most prized possessions-their children's( their EveryThinG).
I treat here like she deserves to be treated she's my ETG.
by Lobaba June 24, 2017
Estimated time of gaming
Friend: Hey man, what’s your etg?
Me: Around 5pm I’ll be playing.
by Juicy x Wasp January 20, 2019
Hey was that (ETG) Endi The Goat at the party last night?
by Endi_etg September 20, 2018
easy to get
boy1: yuck! your gf is such an etg!
boy2:yeah right! i just ask her once!
by ctpaqua January 14, 2009
acronym for "eww thats gross" can also be used as etfg eww thats fucking gross or etsg eww thats so gross
omfg how does he do that? etg
by marcl.istoocool November 19, 2006
An etg stands for elemental titan god. This means he is bad at fortnite and any othere game he is playing he can't drive a shiP because he's a set 9. But he has a little brother which bums of any roblox game he plays
For example that guy iS etg a xbox

Oh he's gay