Only the best olympic game there is out there.
-Hey Shamona, saw the beach volleyball yesterday.

-Hell yeaa!, btw, my name is John...

-Yeah whatever.
by Jonazz August 11, 2008
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The easy version of real volleyball, and a chance for male douchebags who can not play any other sport to pretend they are really cool because they can spike it. But they cannot do anything else.
Boy: Did you see me spike that thing during the beach volleyball game?
Girl: Wow, do you know how to pass or set?
Boy: no...
Girl: Thats what i thought. f off, douche.
by omgomgiamsoborecd February 10, 2011
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The most elite form of volleyball that is way harder than indoor. All the girls asses are PHAT and all the girls who play need to be treated like the queens they are.
What sport do you play?

Beach volleyball.

Oh damn you must have a PHAT ASS
by Vegascupcake December 12, 2019
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