Acronym for Erotic Female Relieving Observerance. A very common fetish involving watching women fart, pee and poop, yet not in a hardcore/scat way. See, best example of an EFRO site.
If you see a woman doing a crap in the bushes and are turned on by it then you are probably into EFRO.
by m November 11, 2004
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A 1-man gore/porn grind band from the cambridge, Ontario area formed in early 2007 as a band who generally makes a claim of having a non violent message even though the music is punishingly heavy. Literally, all of the songs are about things to do with heavy amounts of hard drugs and extreme sexual activities like fetish play of all kinds.

Similar artists:Cock and Ball Torture, Cumgun, Libido Airbag
efro is a band who encorporates some old school elements of hardcore and grind with elements of 21st century slam and late 90's gore grind styles.
by goregrindsensai February 17, 2010
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Earjacking farticle rimjobing

earjacking: To jack off in someones ear.

farticles: The microscopic, airborne particles of fecal matter that are released by the anus during a fart.

rimjob:the act of orally stimulating the external anal sphincter to cause sexual arousal

ooze: another word for a STD, mostly referring to the kind that puss and ooze during breakouts, and other nasty shit
God, that fat bitch is such an efro.
by kanoldy April 28, 2009
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Efro is a name describing a man or in some cases a gender non conforming person that is hot as hell. they are also most likely always single so shoot ur shot rn. This name also describes a person w curly hair and green eyes. Atheism/any non theistic culture is also a symbol of the name Efro.
Efro is the coolest!! Should I ask him out?

I wish I had Efro's music taste.
by x6xd6e3 November 20, 2021
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