Nelly began to introduce the rap audience and the nation to a whole new set of St. Louis slang. "E.I. means 'Yes! Bring it on!'" he explained at
"Andele andele mami, E.I. E.I.
Uh-ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! What's poppin' tonite?"
by Ho0pz4sho January 03, 2012
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The acronym for "extemely intoxicated." Although this usually applies to one who has indulged in large ammounts of alcohol, it may also apply to one who is otherwise intoxicated (i.e. drugs, pills, etc.).
Dude, APD throws the sickest parties! Everybody is E.I. by the end of those ragers!
by MJ April 29, 2005
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1. i get 35 vacation days e.y

2. It only comes out 1 of these e.y
by some guy manw April 24, 2018
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