The definition of dynasty warriors stems from the act of playing the video game "Dynasty Warriors" Where one mashes buttons mindlessly with no skill or strategy whiles the character on the screen is flailing their weapon violently killing an army of enemies on the screen requiring little to no effort at all from the player.

1) A brain dead person mashing buttons mindlessly playing a video game.

2) A person flailing their arms and legs in real life hoping to successfully win a fight. Similar to how Bart Simpson and Lisa Simpson had a fight in one of the episodes of "The Simpsons"

3) A clumsy person.

4) A forgetful person.

5) A thoughtless person who acts before thinking and does not consider the consequences of their actions.

6) An indecisive person.
Example 1:
"he was dynasty warriorsing me and i was able to counter attack him"

"due to him dynasty warriorsing me not putting any thought or strategy into swinging his weapon i was able to dodge and attack him from the side"

Example 2:

"i got dynasty warrriored and i lost against someone in tekken"
"she was all dynasty warriors with the controller"

Example 3:

"My mind was all dynasty warriors i couldn't decide whether to buy the playstation 5 or the Xbox series X once i got to the store"

Example 4:

Person A: I think i just bought bootleg pokemon cards

Person B: You're so dynasty warriors! you didn't think to do your research or check the cards thoroughly before buying it.

Example 5:

Person A: Doesn't look where he is going and bumps into person B**

Person B: Dynasty warriors! watch where you're walking!
by JulK2 January 24, 2022
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Action strategy game produced by KOEI (NOT Konami as stated in another definition). Third person, the player takes control of any of a large number of generals from the later Han and Three Kingdoms periods of Chinese history. Roughly based on the epic novel "Romance of the Three Kingdoms". Mixes history with bare-faced fiction. Known for its overpowered generals, ridiculous KO counts and large number of sequels, Dynasty Warriors is not an intelligent game but is fun nonetheless.
Pang Tong is my best character in Dynasty Warriors
by IDX September 17, 2006
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Awsome game that is very fun, and you can actually learn somthing while your playing. Game platforms are the PS2 and Xbox, made by komami (five times)
-Hey man i pwned the Wei armie with Zhugee Liang!
by Wil L. March 15, 2005
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The inspiration for a serial sprite comic by Brian Clevinger.
In Dynasty Warriors, Lao Tze, Hung Gai, and their allies must face off against Sun Quan and his general, Man Chong, as the battle for Long Wang Pass commences. Dynasty Memories is the only remaining record of their struggle.
by Derek Dogan December 21, 2018
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