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The inspiration for a serial sprite comic by Brian Clevinger.
In Dynasty Warriors, Lao Tze, Hung Gai, and their allies must face off against Sun Quan and his general, Man Chong, as the battle for Long Wang Pass commences. Dynasty Memories is the only remaining record of their struggle.
by Derek Dogan December 21, 2018
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Refers to "pilot controlled lighting," often available at uncontrolled airfields and useful after dark, or under instrument conditions.
If you land at Treasure Coast International Airport after 0200z, click the mic five times to put the pilot lighting at medium intensity, so you can see the runway.
by Derek Dogan December 21, 2018
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The mythical edge a top gamer holds over the competition.
Tyrone: "Man, r1c3Cr@kka keep poppin' them headshots."

Kevin: "Yeah, he got a sick sense."
by Derek Dogan September 1, 2018
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