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A type of comic that is used widely across the internet due to it's simplicity and overall hilarious appearance. To start, a "sprite" is a pose of a character taken from an existing sheet or ripped from video games by use of ROM's and the "Print Screen" button. To rip a sprite, one uses a rom and looks for a pose they require. They press the "print screen" button and paste onto Paint, Photoshop, etc. They proceed to long work by removing the background from the sprite. The sprite is then put on a "sheet", a compilation of various sprites. Already prepared sprites are all around the internet such as There are also "custom sprites", which are hard worked alterations of existing sprites, or "pixel by pixel" creations, which are completely hand made. The comic is made by taking a pose from the sheet and placing it on a background, taken the same way as a sprite (with more work) and adding the necessary action. Already prepared backgrounds are also found in abundance, especially at After the comic is made, it can be hosted anywhere it is wanted or displayed on message boards with the use of a Photobucket or Imageshack account.
Sprite comics are a very popular sight.
by Christian Cruz November 30, 2006
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Comics on the web that use video game characters ripped from old Games to play as characters
such as:
hey is that a sprite comic?
by blackmage53 December 09, 2004
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A form of comics that rip video game sprites and paste them together to make comics.

Sprite comics are either good or really shitty, there is no in-between.

Actual effort taken when making a fan character, nice backgrounds, and funny jokes.
All fan characters are recolours, the backgrounds are just one colour (usually white), and the jokes sound like something you'd hear on PBS kids.
Person 1:"Omigawd you stole the fan character from my sprite comic! Theif!"
Person 2:"You mean I stole the character you stole from Sega?"
by PuppyMunch August 20, 2011
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