Coolest last name ever. Cant get better than it.
Originally an English last name.
**** Dyer
Kieron Dyer (football player)
by JennD December 15, 2008
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The act of not hanging out with your friends when you clearly have no good excuse not to do so.
Kyle had a free ticket to the concert with his buddies but he still dyered it.
by Pittsm April 3, 2019
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A person who consumes a lot of drugs; who then has the ability of pure abstract thought and story-telling.
*After witnessing someone consume a gram of Base and then listening to them regale the story of how they found a tooth in their burger during their youth*

"He's obviously a Dyer."
by thedandygent March 22, 2009
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A town in Indiana which is filled with wannabe celebrities and fake ass hoes.
Have you visited Dyer?
Nah, no one wants to go there.
by Afiloty February 2, 2019
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One whose occupation is to dye cloth and other materials

The end.
The woman who dyes fabrics is in a calendar crisis and faces imminent death; ie the dying dyer is direly needing a diary
by Daryl-Anne Di Faggio March 25, 2020
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British slang for someone who acts like a Roadman and acts like life is hard but their parents are probably professors who live in a small mansion and have too much money. Named after Danny Dyer.
Dyer: "Wagwan mad 'tings goin down in the street watch it the night yeah bruv."
Literally Everyone: "Shut the fuck up, Lewis, your house costs more than Brixton and you could buy a Ford with your lunch money."
by Svlad Cjelli IV March 27, 2019
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ridiculously out of place
by Anonymous March 16, 2003
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