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A geek/nerd who analyzes everything, who should stop being a lazy computer hacking nuisance, and pursue a degree in something they like, instead of using it for destructiveness. Their living usually comes from being a blogger/critic on things such as P.C games. Anti/non- mainstream-ity applies to them which fuels it more. Within age 20-23, it would have been enough time for them to cyber-ally destroy their ingrates by defamation. Not 2 mention, they beyond a geekster, as they H.F autistic/aspergian traits, the latter 1 being now comparable to the new label: S.C.D and make long rant like 1- sided rants about their interests. This is not 2 say that it's bad 2 have a social disorder, as they r found in some of the greatest minds worldwide. Alarmingly, I've heard of a now late 23 yr old from the Midwest U.S, ranting about buying dildo's at an adult store to his friend, with no shame about buying the items there, nor on the phone. They will almost always be an atheist or a strong agnostic. If 1 were 2 speak about their obsessions with any discrepancies, the other person's intellect will be greatly insulted automatically. These ppl r the most likely to be a hacker and are intelligent enough to cover up their tracks, when breaking into IP's who target ppl openly supportive of things they disagree with such as: occult science, Republicanism and Xtian faiths. Despite the high IQ of these junkies, they r a detriment to society.
Alex: Hey, look at those dweebs. Shawn: Oh, those three are beyond dweebs, they are dweebers.
by Jay Leo July 06, 2014
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