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When a person can't handle a small quantity of alcohol and trys to compensate with showing off his dick or balls.
Wow, man. After just a couple of beers he's so duv. He can't be from Trondheim.
by Kompisen til Lars January 08, 2012
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The name of a female who deserves a name that has more female sex appeal than devin. This name is used as an alternate to the irish boy's name devin. This term allows this very attractive female to escape the gender mistakes that usually come with her parents giving out a farely male uni-sex name.
Hey dude did you check out that new girl? She is a total duv!
by Duv ; ) March 13, 2009
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a poofta related to chandra.
the guy next door
a fat mole molemole who never learnt to spell
a guy who's afraid of cooties
god dammit, you're such a duv.
by booster terrik September 28, 2004
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