A person that cannot do their job correctly. They often swear when someone points out their incompetency and gives them death threats, usually also has someone to back them up. Sometimes, they also love cosplaying as dogs.
Rodrigo spent his time sleeping but didn't accomplish his work. What a Duterte!
by Panic Manifest April 14, 2021
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Saboteur - A person who intentionally causes the destruction of property in order to hinder the efforts of his/her enemy.
The Philippines is suffering because it is conquered by duterte.
by Bayan Ko January 5, 2020
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A person who pretends to be brave by challenging critics to fight but eventually backs out when somebody accepts the challenge (from Rodrigo Duterte, the president of the Philippines, who challenged a former supreme court to a debate but backed out after his challenge was accepted).
The foul-mouthed duterte is a coward for he chickened out when someone accepted the debate challenge.
by Guido is tough May 8, 2021
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(1) a unique breed of dog that originates in the Philippines islands.

(2) an ignorant traitor, especially;
(3) a piece of shit, motherfucking president treated by his supporters like a god.

(4)Marcos 2.0

(5) An ugly bastard.
(1) "Uy! pre, may aso pala yung chinese goverment, Duterte yung breed."
(2) "gago pare, si Jean pala Duterte! 'di man lang ako pinakopya."
(3) "Oust Duterte, wag mag bulag-bulagan."
(4)"Murderer talaga si Duterte, malay ko ba kung ba't siya gusto ng mga bugok na relihiyosong Pilipino."
(5) person A:"gago, kamukha mo si duterte"

person B:"tangina, lahat na, wag lang ung gagong yun"
by p1sash1t May 20, 2021
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A species of a dog, commonly found in Southern part of the Philippines.It is a brown dog with a dark spots and tiny paws. It likes to bark so much.
Hey! Meet my dog Rody, a rare Duterte breed. Careful, Dont get closer!
by Engr. Niko June 7, 2021
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