Dutt, anyone who is utterly and outrageously stupid..
In reality, whoever says it is the idiot.
It means that they have no other comeback or just say it because they think it sounds cool in their tiny brains where the word 'Dut' is 'cool'
Person1: He's such a dut
Person2: You know how stupid you sound when you say that ?
by A very Un-duttish person June 18, 2011
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Flemish for
1) someone who is kinda poor.
2) someone who gets laughed at (mostly cause he's clumsy), kinda synonym for loser.
1)Nielsie es nen duts, ie kan alleens gene shampoo kopen.
(Nielsie is a "duts", he can't even buy some shampoo.)

2)Nielsie es echt zo nen duts é, ie es twee keer me zinne vélo gevallen.
(Nielsie is a first grade "duts", he fell twice with his bicycle.)
by Stijf March 04, 2006
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A dyke haircut, like a bowl cut for example.
"My hair cutter screwed up my hair."
"Yeah she totally gave you a dut."
by Ocyrus March 27, 2010
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A slang saying for a womans lack of vaginal moisture, Dried Up Twat.
We used half a tube of KY jelly, she sure had a DUT.
by Lola R January 27, 2008
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The sound a potato makes when it speaks.

It is a common misunderstanding that this is only the noise they make when they hit a hard surface (when they exclaim, dut! in surprise and pain), but anyone who spends the time to have a conversation with a potato will find it is not a noise, but a voice and language.

The language of dut is simple to learn, as it only contains the single article, which acts as the adjective, noun and verb. The difficulty however is in the pronounciation and syllabic translation.

It is believed that a large portion of the dut dialect was lost during the Potato Famine of 1845 to 1849. Recently however, a breakthrough has been made, when archaeologists discovered a tranlation Tablet (the Potater Stone), at Stone Henge.
John Howard: Wow, it is hot today!
Potato: dut. (I agree)


Fidel Castro: Can I borrow some sugar?
Potato: dut dut¿ (How much do you need?)
by Haggis McFowley December 08, 2006
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A combination of the words "Dick and "Nuts". From a new song by the Ying Yang Twins titled "Duts".
You: Dude, what is your problem? You cant say dick in class!?
Me: Can't get these hoes off my duts.
by DaRK-WeBSTeR February 28, 2006
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