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One who enjoys the company of men and derives pleasure from objects inserted betwixt his buttocks.

An old man's testicles.
That man isn't just gay. He's dustmuffin-gay.

The lady just kicked grandpa in the dustmuffins!
by `Raptor May 30, 2005
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a drug dealer's groupie... hangs out and puts out in the hope of free drugs
She'll do anyone for the chance of a line, a total dust muffin
by stranger March 08, 2004
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A term used in a video game to describe someone after they have crashed into something and died.
Wow that Dustmuffins just crashed that jet into that crane and died.

That Dustmuffins has no skill in driving or flying vehicles in this game all he does is just crash and die.

Did you just see that? That Dustmuffins just killed himself by accidentally running that jeep off of a cliff.
by SnipeRaven June 20, 2005
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