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A high end line of clothing worn by teenage thugs and gangsters in Surrey, B.C. Usually worn along with Crooks and Castles, Gucci, Etc.
*inside guildford mall*
person 1: man, who are all those kids wearing dussault and crooks?

person 2: those are the street gangs here
by hakeem93 February 10, 2011
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A middle-aged man of about 50 years old, who tends to scratch his chin alot, and a person who loves canadian hockey.
Man you should have seen this Dussault in the mall the other day, he was scratching his chin like he had a fungal rash or something!
by cheeky stevens April 17, 2010
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A surname branded for having a phenotype of a VERY loose vagina. Infamous for having the loosest vaginas, Dussault clan members often engulf large objects for pleasure. The origin of the Dussault clan is unknown, their devastation however is known to be utterly relentless. Strong caution is recommended when dealing with their kind. They are nocturnal creatures, find safety in the sun.
Mr. Dussault has a vagina more loose than the most dense black hole.
by your real name. nyukaa March 07, 2011
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