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-The best dude you’ll ever meet. Super sweet, caring and hecka funny.

- Durgans usually make the best friends because they can always make you smile when you’re feeling down, not to mention they give super hugs.

- Durgans typically have very dark hair, some freckles, and green or brown eyes
Wow I’m so glad to have been lucky enough to have found a Durgan as my best friend.
by chickennuggetboi June 26, 2018
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verb used to describe any wrong application of basic engineering principles that is usually followed with stubbornness and resulting in at least 5 other engineers being outraged by the act and getting completely intoxicated shortly thereafter.stupid, retarded, abnoxious, incompatant, clumsy
You took 5 hours to machine that part and you did it wrong. I could've done it it 40 minutes. Your durganed the hell out of that task.

by Wesley Horton May 01, 2007
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To search the internet looking for any referance to topic or conversation.
To play internet detective.
duraganed, durganing
Bob durganed "childhood diseases" and was able to convince everyone he was a pediatrician.
by Ghoest9 June 11, 2005
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someone who frequently tries to obtain cigarettes for free
don't take your smokes to the party bro, there will be heaps of durgans there
by leso March 22, 2019
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