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A fat guy with a disproportionately large, nappy ass afro who is amazing at everything he does, brilliantly intelligent, and awesome in every way imaginable. Though to some he may be an asshole, to his friends he is the kindest person imaginable. He is irritated by annoying, screechy sounds and people who act like they can't follow directions. He is the token black guy in his group of friends and always has something ghetto to say at just the right moment. Everybody is his nigga. He can turn even the worst of situations into a joke. All around, Dupri is an amazing character.
Guy 1: Hey Dupri, what's up?
Dupri: Not much, how about you my nigga?
Guy 1: Not doin so well, I failed my Biology exam.
Dupri: Come on nigga, don't be a little bitch.
Guy 1: Wow Dupri, you really provided some insight on my situation. Thanks!
Dupri: Just the work of anotha day, nigga.
by A Nigga in a Purple Suite November 21, 2012
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A very athletic & attractive boy who is carmel brown with nice features.
" Is that DUPRI !!!! "
by CoryJohnson March 13, 2017
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