Anyone with this surname is obviously intelligent, attractive, talented, musical, witty and can easily claim French heritage. As a family, the Dupre's will be warm, loving, possibly slightly argumentative due to the strong personalities of its members, but ultimatly a very supportive unit.
"you know that family over the road, they're just so perfect! Intelligent, successful, do they have any flaws? I bet their surname is Dupre."
by jed13 June 2, 2012
A young, attractive call girl who was given immunity for her actions in the Elliot Spitzer scandal.

Although extremely hot she has an awful hip hop single that can only be described as SHIT... but it has made her an estimated 1.4 million dollars even though she's been in the spot light for only 5 days.
At this early stage of the scandal we still know very little about Dupre other then the info we get from her myspace page. (Or the 100's that have already been faked in her honor). Only time will tell if her pictures are correct in describing her looks. This may be bigger then the OJ trial.
Damn bro, that whore ashley dupre really cant sing... but she must suck a mean cock... she brought a governor down.
by Agntagnt March 16, 2008
And people wonder why Eliot Spitzer is a hypocrite. Just look at Ashley Alexandre Dupre.
by Metacritic April 2, 2008
it is code for when you and a selected buddy, friend, frat brother, etc...want to have to have a threesome with an escort, slut, whore, etc...

also can be used to describe an threesome encounter that has already occured.
"checkout that little brunette with the tramp stamp and navel ring. let's see if we can pull off a You, Me, and Dupre!"

"last night was great. Eddie and I had a You, Me, and Dupre with Kathy! What a slut!"
by Mogiashi March 20, 2008
The call girl at the center of the prostitution scandal that prompted Gov. Eliot Spitzer to resign in disgrace. Law enforcement officials have said Spitzer had a Feb. 13 2008 tryst with Ms. Dupre and paid her $4,300, according to court papers.
Also know as an amateur vocal musician.
AKA "Kristen"
See client number nine
Johnny: You hear about that Ashley Alexandre Dupre chick that 'serviced' client number nine?
Dick: I hear she's pretty good with a 'mike' if ya know what I mean..
Johnny: ROFL!
by Kim Warren March 13, 2008