The orifice from which dung is ejected or discharged.
"I kicked that fucker in the dungus so hard his shoes fell off!"
by Colonel Turdburglar July 27, 2005
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Dungus (Noun) – An associate, co-worker, or acquaintance whose day-to-day activities interfere with the progressive nature of any activity. Not only do these individuals inhibit productivity on any level, they also seem to always be accompanied by a hellish odor sometimes described as “burning happiness”. A Dungus usually grows from damp and flattened office chairs, only moving for rations or to relieve themselves of the waste created from day(s) old food acquired and stored in a cool place until consumed.
Dungus ( Verb) – i.e. To be a Dungus – A person intentionally not doing what they have been tasked with, often while smelling putrid.
by Dr. Disaster November 11, 2010
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the body part on the male anatomy that he uses for sex; commonly used in situations around young children who should not be exposed to other slang terms
Man, his dungu was so big, my bones are still aching.
by ispeaklove February 03, 2011
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