Dirty ass undies you ain't changed in three days or more.
Nancy you smell, you must be wearing some dungies.
by Tz1210 February 5, 2007
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"Bro that's a rockin' pair of dungies you got there"
by ElijahBagel May 31, 2020
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A synonym for the male genital area
Comas has an enormously large dungi, which was observed by matthew
by Duck Hunter Society of Ayr September 3, 2007
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Pronounced do-ng-ee


Synonym to a dummy. An insult for when someone is being silly or doing something brainless. New Slang.
"stop, you dungie"

"you're being such a dungie"
by kachowbeans August 22, 2018
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Dungi (or Doongi) is a Korean slang word for “cutie.” It’s a shortened version of Gwi-Yeom-Dung-I which means “pretty/cute person.”
My dog Dungi is a cutie.
by PastelCryptonym May 31, 2019
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Feeling tired Worn Out or Like Crap
Pounded 12 Beers last Night I'm Feeling Dungy Today!
by slep May 8, 2008
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the area of your body that is called ur asshole
my dungy is sore from the anal plundering i got from bubba in the pen last night...
by papa lou January 13, 2007
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