1. Only the greatest song ever.
2. A song written by The Shins by 2001
Hey! Do you like The Shins?

Yeah! New Slang is the best song in existence!
by Baby frog feet December 29, 2021
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The New Slang is a currently unsigned rap group based in Berkeley, California. The group hasn't gotten much attention yet, and I'm pretty much putting this out here to promote it, but, well, there you go.

MC Mo:lead rapper
DJ Snack:rapper/singer/producer
The Fuckin Cookie:producer/occasional rapper
VHS the Desirable
Rolling River
Konspiracy The Unloved Son
Al Cappella
Poser Asian

Currently, The New Slang plans to release a mixtape primarily composed of music with original beats, entitled "Threads." The Threads mixtape will be released sometime in 2010, along with a mixtape that is the sole project of DJ Snack and MC Mo entitled "2010," which will feature the two rapping over the instrumentals from Dr. Dre's "2001" album. Currently, The New Slang is unsigned and mostly unheard of. If you're interested in helping us change that, search "The New Slang-Stream" on youtube.
"On my cantonese game show, not one farthing is took
by the fat, sweaty men who cook the books
though they shot me many shifty looks
they left, and left the books crooked
that's why I'm here now, dead broke and nothing's cookin'"

-Rolling River, "Stream" by The New Slang
by Vhurka, AKA DJ Snack March 29, 2010
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New England Slang : Any word that ends with "R" or more spacifically "ER" (UUR) , You replace that with "AH" . For instance : Father would be : Fathah . Mother : Mothah , Yes sir would be Yesah and so on . It actually retaines a lot of Old English pronounciations as well . It is spoken through out New England and stretches into Up-State New York (although it varies a bit there) and even into Canada (Eastern) ...
by Daniel Worcester October 21, 2014
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