A junkie or dope whore who for whatever reason believes she is still really cute and worthy of respect even though she exchanges sexual favors for drugs.
Idk why he only messes with dumpster chickens.

Becky is such a dumpster chicken
by Peebee Enjay November 23, 2016
A Sickly looking Fat Pigeon thats the size of a large Chicken.
I was walking to my car in the downtown parking garage,when I notice I was being gazed on by a bunch of Dumpster Chickens.
by Gorillund April 2, 2018
A seagull that hangs out in the parking lots at malls eating leftover trash
That fucking dumpster chicken just ate my fries.
by HookaBrandon March 4, 2007
One that feeds off the "scraps" from the supposedly rich and fabulous or from someone more elevated than them - desperately and pathetically.
"Ivy Dickens from Gossip Girl is such a dumpster chicken"
by btkatchoo September 29, 2014
A crow, or seagull, or any scavenging bird that raids dumpsters or trash receptacle.
Someone left the dumpster lid open, and the dumpster chickens spread trash all over.
by Steven. Kenobi June 9, 2010
Someone who is permi-high. A tweaker or other who fucks anyone with drugs then waits for them to pass out and steals the oddest shit you have around while walking past the big pile of drugs, money and various valuables scattered about. They then proceed to find a get away vehicle (i.e: a store of bikes) but decides to take the pieces to the bike that's broken down "for parts only" and scoffs at the perfectly good, expensive bikes already ready already... The car keys eluded their reasoning as well; no matter how many times they get their asses kicked...They Never learn!
Person 1: "Hey, look at that person over there. Who's that?"

Person 2: "Oh, yeah, that's just one of our friendly neighborhood dumpster chickens. No matter how many times we try to teach them to fly... Sigh... Never sticks!"
by Crysinrealyfe July 27, 2022