5 definitions by Peebee Enjay

Communication device (telephone and kiosk to send emails) that inmates use to contact their friends and family. This form of communication is always monitored and/or recorded.

This is also how an inmate requests to speak to investigators to begin snitching.
Willie was crying last night, saying he can't handle being in jail. He's definitely gonna blow the pig whistle.
by Peebee Enjay September 3, 2020
When someone constantly complains or whines. And/Or The sound adult characters on Charlie Brown make when they speak.
Everytime Chad complains all I hear is Womp Womp Womp
by Peebee Enjay September 3, 2020
A junkie or dope whore who for whatever reason believes she is still really cute and worthy of respect even though she exchanges sexual favors for drugs.
Idk why he only messes with dumpster chickens.

Becky is such a dumpster chicken
by Peebee Enjay November 23, 2016
A drug user Meth who also uses Heroin
So Cassandra Jumped out the puddle and became a mud skipper?

Lock up your valuables because this trap is full of puddle jumpers and mud skippers.
by Peebee Enjay November 24, 2016