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An incident, act, or life entirely, which turned out to be a complete and utter catastrophe beyond comprehendable proportions.

(Derives from the lack of performance from a drunk individual's penis at a party, to the point where the chick leaves and dances with his friend.)
(George W. Bush during a State of the Union address.)
W. - The strategery used for the war may or may not have been the best. Hey, we duddied that one.

(Agent to John Cena)
Wow, we really duddied the ball on that one thinking you could act in The Marine huh?

(About to sign a contract in the Marine Corps.)
Recruiter- Why are you so urgent to sign?
Enlistee- I've really made nothing short of a duddy out of my life, mine as well sign for your duddy ass organization.
by Mo Mo Morin February 17, 2009
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