A really good buddy;your close friend.
"Y'know,I've got a lot of friends and buddies,but only 1 is my Duddy."
by JohnBender August 8, 2006
Givin some dome/head; sucking
"Daggggg man the other day that girl gave me some mean duddy."
by LeAk$ November 3, 2009
(Noun) 1. A once proud white man who now despises everything white people do.

Synonyms: Apologist. Panderer. Social Justice warrior. Phoney.
"Ever since Trump got elected Christian is being a real Duddy"
by PeakedinHighschool December 18, 2017
Meaning to be blasted stoned. Used when one doesn't want others to know what he or she is referring to. Derived from the texted face: -_- (dash, underscore, dash - hence the prefix DUD of the word duddy.)
When speaking: Dude, let's get duddy and order some grub!

When texting: I'm soooo -_- !!!!!!

either use is correct :)
by her_highnesss August 7, 2011
1). To be worthless and not get anything accomplished.
2). To have frequent sex with the same person. Can occur multiple times during the day.
1). I would rather duddy then go to work any day.
2). Me and my boyfriend duddied before I had class in the morning.
by mpugga12 December 7, 2010
A drug buddy. The one you prefer to do drugs with out of your group of friends, druggies, or pets.
Michael: Hey you thizzin` tonight?
Stephen: Naw, my duddy is sick so I'm not feeling it!


Michael: Lets take shots!!
Stephen: I'm not your duddy!
by omickey March 27, 2012
(1) slang for pussy. (2) Derived from Pensacola, Florida, this means a sissy-like person, or someone who tried to go for a girl but never could get her. (3) Also can be used for slang for a cool, close friend. (4) Another use for this is when the word "pussy" is needed to be said, but others who would disapprove are present.
(3)Charlie: Yo, duddy! What happened with you and that girl last night?
Nick: Man, I went for her but she didn't dig me.
(1)Charlie: I'm gonna get some of that duddy myself.
(2)Josh: Nick, you're a duddy!
Nick: Man, shut up!
(3)Charlie: Hey duddies, lets go chill at the park.
by carmeloair23 October 28, 2006