Can be used instead of avoid. To duck someone/somethings means to stay away from; steer clear of.
"Yo, stop ducking me"

person 1: "you going to work today"
person 2: "i'm on the schedule but i'm tryna duck that"
by pearadox March 27, 2018
Ducks, other known as as vile, terrifying despicable creatures that walk the earth to simply terrify. You try to like feed their ducklings and they're all like "Nah mate, I'll fucking swoop yo' ass"
So then you're like "Holy shit mother fucker!" and you get the fuck out of there!
Me: Aw look, some cute ducklings, let's feed them!

Father duck: Oh hell no! *runs after me with it's head down looking like a demonic piece of shit running at me*

by Duck Hater907y1345609832156 December 16, 2012
Someone that is extremely sensitive, but also has many peaks of extreme ego. So you can't give a compliment, because it feeds to the person's ego too much, and you can't poke fun because he or she is too sensitive. There is no middle ground, therefore, all you can do is keep your mouth shut and watch them wobble from one side of their personality to the other and quack about bizarre things.
I tried to flirt with this guy, however, he transformed into a duck after I fed him a compliment and tried to poke fun with him.
by wordness November 30, 2013
The dick that you are currently fucking. Meant to dehumanize and strip away the face and personality attached to the genitals that are taking care of your sexual needs during a brief period between more serious love interests.
Raquel: “Oh my god, Paul, I’m so sorry. I think I accidentally invited my duck to your pool party.”

Paul: “What duck, Raquel? No pets allowed.”

Raquel: “No. I invited the dick that I’m fucking to your party. He’s my duck right now.”

Paul: “Oh. Well. No dicks either. My mom’s really strict.”
by colterClimactic July 4, 2021
Either a duck like an animal or either when you have to bend down suddenly.
"Duck! It's a Duck"
by Hesus Believer 🦆 May 29, 2019
Noun - The end of a "blunt" which is marijuana rolled in a cigar. The paper version "joint" ends up as a "roach"
We shared that blunt with 20 people, and by the time it got to me; All I got was the duck.
by theothers August 22, 2012
by Snek_ November 19, 2021