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1st n. a large terd

2nd n. a man whose breathe smells like Pot

3rd n. a camper that sits in the corner with a silencer getting head shots.
I need to take a huge Dubski!

Wow you have Dubski breathe.

What the eff! Where is Dubski hiding now?!?!!1
by Brad Tyler June 11, 2008
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(Roots of Origin: A Chicago way of joking on how everything in Polish ends in a "ski") Referring to any quantity of twenty, usually a twenty dollar bill.
Ex. Joe: How many beer's you gonna drink tonight?

John: Probably...dubski!

Ex. Jak Shem Mash, Pollack!!! Do you got a dubski so we can get some Pabst Blue Ribbon?
by Bob Debrowski July 16, 2009
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