Walnut Creek, California...slang created by Stellis in 2000. (confirmed from the song "Nugg this" featuring J-Chron.)
"Damn lil Dub C homies actin' fresh like they produce or sumthin"
by JermaineWhite December 19, 2006
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a ghetto ass college town where people wear armani and polo shirts out to go party in a dank ass basement thats too crowded and loud and filled with drunk people and not enough beer to go around--and its the motha fuckin shit anyway because you can walk around and find 20 of these on any given thursday, fri, or saturday night before going to riggtown drunk as fuck and high as shit off that crazy fuckin chron that passes through (only after midnight)
wezel: dude, home fuckin sucks im trying to get crump and fuck some hot ass bitches but the cities too fuckin ghetto. what the fuck should we do tonight?

nuggetass: fucked if i know. i dont think theres a place that exists where we can go that has chill ass frat parties and bangin herb because im a jackass, i think we can go to bloomsburg or some shit tho.

wezel: fuck you asshole have fun in faggot-assburg im goin to the motha fuckin DUB C and gettin my fingers wet, unlike you you beatass fuckin pussylips
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Related to it's definition as the town of Walnut Creek, California, it is also the name of the local youth group at Walnut Creek Pres. Church.

They play Crike
"Hey, you headin' to Dub C tonight?"
"Yeah, we're gonna Crike it up..."
by SpaceBrat May 17, 2005
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the rapper in Westside Connection, with Ice Cube and Mack 10
by Anonymous November 06, 2003
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1) a hipster who is aging but has never had a real job or any real financial assets. His hipsterness has not been created by daddy’s trust fund, as with most species of hipster, but rather has been formed by a general sense of laziness throughout his life. He skateboards alone. He is insecure, has no friends, and cannot keep a girlfriend, as his ultra negative and pretentious personality prevents him from becoming fully integrated into society. He has no credit, lame car, no money,and yet still has the sense of entitlement that most of these things should just come to him because he thinks he’s a fucking cool guy. He tends to spend all his time smoking, drinking and eating pizza.

2) a wannabe hipster mansther with no credit
1) "who's that older man with the thick rimmed glasses, smelling of booze, trying to convince the urban outfitters salesperson to give him that t-shirt for half off? what a dub-c."
by Garbage Terminator December 03, 2007
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WestChester Ohio,
20 miles north of Cincinnati.
A suburban community where rich caucasion males reside;They wear pants down around there knees,usually accompanied by white,black,tan,or pink t-shirts and a side-ways trucker hat, or a shirt with the collar popped on it.
Yo dawg, wanna got up to da Dub C wit da boys an' smoke sum sticky green an' git crunk? Its gonna be tight yo!

FO SHO' NIGGUH! I HEARD DEY"S GONNA BE SOME TIGHT THUG BEATS THUR TOO! only thing is, i gotta be home by 9:15 or my moms gets pissed.
by O-tizzle May 25, 2005
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is a short name for a specific part of city in Ohio,West Carrollton.West Carrollton, yet small, has two different sides. The good part and the bad part depending on which side of the railroad tracks your on. Or what side of Central Ave your on. Some parts are nice suburbs with nice yards and some parts are pretty trashy and full of crime that is mostly committed by the youth that lives in downtown "Dub C". It's one of those type of cities that everybody knows everybody. One good thing is if you know the right kind of crowd, They usually got your back. West Carrollton has a enemy and that is neighboring city,Miamisburg. Most people from Dub C hate Miamisburg for several reasons such as they're high school football team and they're white trash welfare mamas with black kids. West Carrollton's school systems really sucks. Don't move there if you want your kids to get a good education! All in all, if your looking for something to do on a Friday or Saturday night, you can't always go to one of the many nice bars that West Carrollton has. Just don't try to pick up any of West Carrollton's girls. The "Dub C" girls are usually good looking but will most likely be trying to hustle you for something and they only date West Carrollton guys so don't even try! They are also usually trying to fight other girls.
"Hey, I think that girl at the bar likes me!"

"Na man, That's a Dub C girl! She's playin you dog! haha Her man is probably outside waiting to kick your ass!"
by Dubcdude February 10, 2009
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