Engaging in the act of masturbating with dish soap causing your nut sack to dry out, turn red & peel.
"Damn it Mike, stop using dish soap while wacking off..... Now you have Drydenitis."
by Coonetta September 18, 2008
Dryden is a caring handsome guy who loves his family and is the greatest friend a person can have
my day gets better when i talk to Dryden, hes great!!
by thatonegirl6411 July 7, 2011
Dryden is a sex god that will rock your world and will make you feel horny all the time. He will make you cum and cum again by the end of the day you'll be screaming for Dryden and want some more of him.
"Oh my god I wish my boyfriend was like Dryden in bed."
by Sexslave101 April 9, 2013
Small hicktown in northwestern ontario, always cold, best parties, no mall. Drama 24/7 and only 1 high school. Absolutely no shopping and smells like fart all the time. Everyone looses their jobs here at one point in time. Oh and we hate fort frances
omg dryden smells like fart, atleast we dont smell like musky
by dteen January 1, 2012
A small little hick town in Central New York, with over 8 trailor parks in the area, that will never be on a map.
"Those damn rednecks from Dryden made another trailor park."
by Redneck Scott May 21, 2004
Dryden is the most amazing caring person in the world, he'll make you feel special. He is also one of the smartest people you will ever meet. Dryden is also good looking.
I just saw Dryden yesterday, he made me feel sooooo special I wanna marry him!
by The origanal meme daddy July 16, 2019
A small little hick town in north western Ontario with about 20 Trailor parks. It is also a connection between western and eastern Canada, as it is close to the center of Canada and is on the Trans-Canada highway.
"did you stop in Dryden?"
"yeah man, but only to grab a slurpee. they don't even have a f-ckin' B.K. dayum."
by somewhitekid September 26, 2006