This is a phrase that is labeled upon a person that farts numerous times a day, seven days a week. It does not matter whether the farts have a distinct odor or not, just the sound of constant farts throughout the day is neccessary. "Farts All Day" is also one of the founding members of the "Fart Boys."
Man, thats got to be like the 25th time you farted today, your Farts All Day!!
by Fart Boys December 10, 2009
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If someone talks a good talk but never comes through, they are all fart no shit.
My mate promised me tickets for that gig tonight but he failed again as always, he's all fart no shit.
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Another way of sayingall talk, no action
Darragh called Kevin out for being able to slug 5 pints in 10 minutes, he wouldn’t prove it so Ciaran said he is ‘all fart, no poo
by Dazzakidx January 22, 2019
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The Correct Response to a quief cuz that's shit is nasty.
So I Told Her... Hey, you stop farting all over my penis, and make me a pie
by Wes Short October 11, 2004
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1-a farty person,or a thing very disgusting!
2-a positive meaning of a farting human,who is a sport,and shows to idles after sport,with farts of bulks!
1- -You ever van! to say you,re a fart all,no you were just a sort of great man,start an ambush!
2-I was staring at the left corridor of the flat,all also if considered,him but as afarty!Why he sold...Good is still that he left us for ever,what flimsey flat of us,not achieving one,any news of health out of it,and motivation.
by bad,good? November 9, 2019
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