2 definitions by The origanal meme daddy

The guy who says he's gonna fuck you but never does, and he claims hes got a big dick but he's really only got a piece of fried shrimp super glued to where his dick should be. This guy will probably fuck his sister, and he bites his lip and moans at girls, and sometimes he grabs at girls.
Man Tyler is such an fboy he says he's gonna fuck me in my ass, and lick my clit.
by The origanal meme daddy February 27, 2019
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Dryden is the most amazing caring person in the world, he'll make you feel special. He is also one of the smartest people you will ever meet. Dryden is also good looking.
I just saw Dryden yesterday, he made me feel sooooo special I wanna marry him!
by The origanal meme daddy July 16, 2019
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