An icecream treat that was created by Isaly's, a company that originated in Pittsburgh, PA. It consists of Vanilla icecream covered by a hard chocolate coating.
When it's hot out, the best treat is a Klondike bar.
by schizoartist November 2, 2004
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1. (n) A very appetizing ice cream treat

2. (n) A large black penis
1) What would you do for a Klondike bar?

2)Heard they'd do anything for a "klondike", Well I'd do anything for a blonde dyke.

Stronger - Kanye West
by K*Mac September 28, 2007
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I always eat out that bitch with a passion and she acts like she doesn't give a shit. What a fucking klondike!
by sgolteb October 24, 2011
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A cloned lesbian child; a lesbian daughter parthenogenically produced without male sperm, employing the technique of cloning a human cell into a human egg.
Eschewing the turkey baster, Melissa and Ellen sought the services of a tissue culture laboratory to produce a klondike.
by Luigi August 6, 2004
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An excruciatingly uncool middle-aged man. White socks with sandals, bermuda shorts, almost always republican, no regard for his family's emotional well-being. Remember Cliff from "Cheers"?
John Ratzenberger, 70 percent of dads, most politicians.

"look at this klondike. Where'd you get those pants, world war one?"
by Horacetheace March 8, 2010
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A West Coast street term for the drug clonazepam.
Yo hit me up wit dem Klondikes, mah neighba.
by ImFromAmerica December 3, 2015
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