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A word that has absolutely no meaning. When used correctly, is a good silence breaker.

When said as a silence breaker, add more emphasis on the "rump".
Adam: Hey everyone, meet Laura. Laura is an abortionist.


James: Drump.
by Ralph Rottenburgh August 06, 2008
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The time-honored tradition of practicing the Drums whilst sitting on the Toilet. Whether you are taking a #1, #2, or none of the above is up to you.

Note: This act requires that you first set up a drum set around your Crapper.
What's all the commotion?

Oh, that's just Travis. He's taking a Drump
by bogdog8921 November 21, 2010
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One who behaves like Donald Trump. Generally considered an insult, as he usually makes a fool of himself, says offensive things, and states opinions as if they were truth. Can be considered a combination of "dumb" and "rump".
"Stop being such a drump, or we're going to have to throw you out. We don't tolerate that kind of behavior here!"
by Pezican March 08, 2016
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Terrible; the absolute worst; horrible
"They said the movie was going to be good, it was drump!"
by C.B.B.B.J February 12, 2017
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Singular, noun: the shit you take a day after anal intercourse. A heavily self-involved and painful bowel movement, leading you to believe it to be substantial yet ultimately unsatisfyingly small and depressingly messy to clean up. Often leaves you feeling unsettled and even angry you had to take your pants off for this. Not to be confused with santorum, though the feces is often preceeded by or covered in santorum.

Alternatives: TDrump, DJTrump
Man, I just took the most depressing drump.
You’re about as exciting as a drump after a barcelona circuit party.
I just took a drump at my boyfriend’s house, I feel like i need to shower.

I’m sorry I got drump stains on your toilet, but thanks for last night!
Why is my tdrump orange?
by donaldjtrump October 25, 2017
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When you poop while drunk. It's pretty smooth but you hear the sounds of the party and that makes you want to speed up. Combo of drunk and dump.
I was drumping as fast as I could but I still missed David's hair catching fire.
by Al_Tal August 13, 2011
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